mercredi 25 mars 2009

What it is all about

You've just read it (keep reading you're great) I turn this little blog into THE universal language...
no it's not love, it could be, I speak the love language fluently, I mean I'm a french dude ;)
no idea?
english! all right!

Starting from now I'll try to write in english and in french. Sorry guys, but the point is that I really forgot my english, and I really don't know where I put this fuck*** stuff... And you german people, yes you, I speak your language all day long... so now everyone will understand what I mean and what it is all about.
If you don't understand what I write, this means that I really have to take english course again!

The introduction is done, I can start now!

What did I do yesterday? A big mystake! True story.
I payed to see a movie (I mean I PAYED) and what for a movie : Confessions of a Shopaholic.
The best movie ever.. or not...
The pitch : story of a young women who is a shopping addict + a little bit of love + a never shaved good looking guy + some girl songs = a movie for underage girls... who need love!

Ok, stop being sarcarstic. Some parts were funny, stefan (you, my wingman, you'll never die!) and I, were in a sooo good company (maybe they'll never read this, so yes you girls, you're really awesome!), in conclusion it was a great evening!
I just wanted to kill those women who didn't stop laughing, even when it was not funny at all... I promise, next time, I'll kick your a**!

Confessions of a Shopaholic

PS : another new feature, the mamatt radio! For every post, I put a mamatt song
Just what I feel like listening at the moment, enjoy!

---- mamatt song #1 ---

Where were you while we were getting high ?

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